learning process

  • Knowing is similar to the process of learning your mother tongue. What we actually learn is not each of the cases but the structure.

    I want to tell you, my colleague, what happened to me some weeks ago. Because I should go to a town, I had never been, I set out the journey early in the morning, just in case I got lost. My trip, as far as sixty kilometres from my departure, ran along a motorway i knew, but beyond that point no thing was familiar to me. While I was driving I was thinking in the territorial structure trying to draw in my mind how roads, motorways could run along the valley or across the range of mountains. Geography and history were among other subjects the disciplines that provided me the frame where I managed to fix the net of ways. I felt comfortable, not worried about getting be lost. Things so, I made my mind up to leave the motorway at a particular junction of that network, later driving along the road I would go around the range of mountains that divides historically two old countries.

    But, what I was expecting couldn’t be done, for the road I had decided to take was being repaired and closed. Quickly my mind started working in the frame, checking another possibility. Sooner I understood my only choice was to cross the range of mountains, going up, later turning left, taking another motorway which, going on my mental frame, would lead me where I wanted.

    While I was driving, going up, I felt angry. Faster and faster, higher and higher, my car and me arrived to a flat land, where a thick fog and low temperatures made me believe I really was in another country.

    My expectations were accomplished. A new junction. I turned left and later I was in the way I had expected. So my trip could be done.

    When I am writing these little memoirs of a morning trip I realized that the best of that journey was the trip not the task I had to do in that far and lonely place. As kavafis says in his poem:

    When you travel to Itaca

    You have to pray the path to be long

    Many dawns have to be done

    You will get a haven your eyes ignored.